A Fashion Focused Father’s Day with DickiesStore


It’s that time of year again when the phrase “but I can’t think of anything he really wants” is uttered amongst sons, daughters and partners alike. We understand it’s generally quite difficult deciding on that special gift for father’s day, and for most people it’s a lot harder than giving gifts on mother’s day, where you’re usually safe with the reliable flowers, chocolates, soaps and creams etc. However at DickiesStore we’ve got you covered this Father’s Day. With manly man presents of varying price ranges, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing that perfect gift.

We’ve identified 4 such products that will no doubt delight dads across the country come Sunday. (sometimes surprising them with a belated gift is even more fulfilling)

We’ll start with somewhat of a clichéd gift, but it is clichéd for a reason. You just can’t get enough of them.

Dickies Cushion Crew Sock 5 Pack

It’s quite possible that you have one lonely sock without a partner lying in your drawer right now. For just a few quid you can solve that problem for the father in your life buy buying him a 5 pack of our comfy toe and heel-reinforced socks with half-cushioned soles. He won’t be left wanting in the colour department, as the multipack consists of 2 black, 2 grey and 1 navy pairs.


Dickies Medway Super Safety Hiker

FD23310 Brown

Going a step further in your pursuit for quality footwear for father, these Medway Hiker boots are sure to surprise and impress. Get dad out the house or protected on the job as the features of this boot are geared towards the adventurous and safety conscious. Steel toe caps, HYDRY waterproofing, scuff guards and flexible soles; that’s a practical addition to any dad’s wardrobe.


Dickies Redhawk Cargo Shorts

These shorts have been flying out of delivery vans this season and act as really great gifts. They perfectly blend summer style with durability and have useful features such as numerous pockets (including a dedicated mobile phone one) and a key fob on the waistband. They come in 4 colours – Black, Khaki, Navy Blue and Olive Green.                                                                                                                                                                       

We’re confident that our shorts and trousers sizes are diverse enough to meet your requirements, but just in case the father in your life adds or subtracts a few pounds, these two belts will restore maximum comfort and they both retail at £10, with the following features:

-Waxy split leather.
-6 hole belt.
-Nickel finish steel buckle.
-Complete with Dickies logo.
-Dickies logo on gripper metal buckle.
-One size fits all.
-Fabric: 100% polyester webbing.

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