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At DickiesStore we’re all about delivering quality workwear, safety wear and casual wear to our customers, but the only way we’ve been able to provide such a service and continue to improve is thanks to feedback from our customers. Now we’re giving you a platform to tell the world about your Dickies experience.

Our ‘Review Squad’ lets you – the customer – test out our product, after which we’ll publish your opinion right here. Soon we’ll be releasing details on exactly how you can get involved via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We recently caught up with Colin Colwill from Cenelec Standards who spent some time in our flame retardant overalls and he shared his views on how the product held up.


What Colin Does.


Colin is an Electrical Inspector in hazardous areas and he’s been working in his current position for 7 and a half years. It’s no surprise that clothing has to be pretty hardy when working in “hazardous areas”, but Colin gave us the full rundown of what else he looks for once he’s slipped into a pair of overalls:

Firstly they need to provide warmth in winter and keep him cool in summer. Naturally durability and protection is a must. A tear is never a good thing in this industry so strength of material is essential.


How Dickies Did.

The 10 days Colin spent in his Dickies overalls saw him performing all sorts of exercises which included climbing, kneeling, sitting and crawling to find equipment. The overalls held up perfectly and the pockets were considered the most valuable feature of the item.


Not every product suits every individual’s needs though, and Colin would have preferred a zip that went right up to the neck as well as a space to accommodate kneepads.

When asked whether he would recommend the item to his friends and other DickiesStore fans, he answered in the affirmative, as the product kept him completely protected throughout the review process.

All customer comments, good, bad and indifferent are taken seriously by DickiesStore and our thanks go to Colin for taking the time to complete this review.

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