Avoid Costly DIY Disasters with the Dickies DIY Tips Sheet

We know many of our customers are keen DIY fans – we’re in awe of some of the great projects that have been submitted in our monthly #DickiesJobDone competition!

Whether you’re an amateur or expert, our ultimate DIY resource will ensure that your next project is a resounding success.

diy tips

Here’s our roundup of some of handy DIY do’s and don’ts, as submitted by DickiesStore fans.

  • Make sure you’ve got the right tools and protective clothing at hand. Know your own limitations, but always enjoy the end result. [Peter Derek Ridgers]
  • Before starting your project, make a checklist to be sure you have everything you need. Tools and materials have a habit of disappearing when you need them.  [Sharon Jackson]
  • Don’t attempt anything electrical unless you`re qualified. ALWAYS call a sparkie (electrician) to make sure the job is done right. [Lisa Marie Everaert]
  • Always make sure the wire is over your shoulder when cutting the grass. [Harline Parkin]
  • Make sure you write down the name and or size of products used and where they were purchased, in case you need to get more items at a later date. [Kat Lucas]
  • Always have a supply of WD40 in your toolbox! [Gillian Turner]
  • Avoid impulse DIY projects! Always sleep on ideas first. [Anne Eames]
  • Double check using a spirit level to make sure the measurements are accurate. [Terence Raymond Lewis]
  • Use small jam jars to store paint colours used in your house – label them by room and keep them in the cupboard under the sink for quick touch ups. [Laura Olivia Tonks]
  • To remove a screw with a stripped head, just place a thick elastic band over the head and use a normal screwdriver. [Ricky Difford]
  • Double check the measurements before you cut! [Lynn Evans]
  • Heat along the lino you are cutting – it makes it far easier. [Michael Simmons]
  • When painting a floor, go from the outside corner to a doorway. [Amy Jane Beckett]

diy flooring

For bigger home renovation projects, we consulted the experts on Quora:

[Michael T. Lauer]

  • Get your design right first.  Your expenses might increase substantially if you try to move forward without a definite plan.  Hire an architect for larger work.  Ensure your project is done to code.
  • Research your design and make sure it is architecturally sound, not just pretty or functional.  Get the details right: correct way to attach, how to seal and insulate, plumbing connections, electrical connections, etc.
  • Know your limits.  Sometimes it is best to contract-out portions of the job to specialists.  Any general contractor knows this and does it routinely.
  • Prepare.  If you are doing something yourself, make sure that you will have the manpower available at the right time, e.g., if it takes two people to hold while another secures, make sure you have the three people when you need them.

[David Rowe]

  • Since you will be your own contractor, you will need to make an accurate materials list.  This is a major component of your plan. Knowing costs and quantities in advance will help maintain a budget.  Many expensive items can be purchased as salvage or remainder items, for example, materials a supplier got stuck with when an order was cancelled.  Opportunities abound when you plan in advance.
  • DIY is never as simple or as easy as it looks on TV. Accept this going in and you will have a rewarding experience.

[Ken Streiff]

  • DIY should mean cheaper and up to your standards.  It is surprising how fast those standards “slip” when doing it yourself.  Deciding in advance to have your work critically reviewed and inspected by a third party can prevent poor quality that will affect your house resale value later on.

[Michael Hass]

  • It’s important to remember you don’t have to do it all at once. Tackle what you can manage at the pace you can work without excess stress.


There’s always something new to be learnt in the world of DIY. What do you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Twitter/Facebook.

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