Bloomin’ Lovely: Prepping Your Garden for Spring

Historically, Spring is said to begin on the day of the vernal equinox, which takes place around the 20th March each year. Others maintain that Spring begins on the first day of March. Whichever definition you prefer, however, there’s no doubt that spring is on its way!

spring bulbs

A Fresh Start

For the green-fingered among us, the changing weather means it’s time to start prepping your garden for the growing season.

  • Organic Gardening recommend that you check whether the soil is ready to be worked before you start planting anything. Plants require air spaces between the soil particles in order to grow properly – if the soil is still too wet from snow or rain, it will be too easily compacted, eradicating the air spaces.
  • The beginning of spring is also a time for clearing and pruning. Trim shrubs, hedges and other overgrown plants, and don’t forget to clear out any unwanted undergrowth as well. According to Better Homes and Gardens, now is also a good time for gardeners to prune fruit trees, especially apples, pears, cherries, and peaches, as this will keep the trees healthy and make it easier to harvest the fruit.
  • Spring cleaning isn’t just for the indoors! Make sure to sweep out drainage gutters, fix up any broken trellises, fences or garden structures, and clear out all the weeds.


  • Clear any debris off the lawn, so that the air and light can reach soil level and encourage growth. If you have bare patches on the lawn, rake them firmly before adding the grass seeds into a bucket of soil and spreading over the patches.
  • HGTV advise gardeners to check the time to harvest on the seed packs – cool season plants should be planted in early spring before the hotter weather arrives, while the warm weather plants and crops should only be planted once the frosts of spring are over.
  • Watch out for the aforementioned spring frosts! If it’s going to be an icy night, protect vulnerable seedlings and new plants with some kind of cover – anything from an overturned container to a garden cloche.

New Gear for a New Season

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