Dickies Halloween Ideas 2015

With Halloween now taking a serious hold of the majority of us in the UK, it’s not going to go unnoticed at DickiesStore this year! With our American heritage, we have to follow our cousins ‘across the pond’ and see if we can maybe even outdo them this year!


Halloween Costumes

Seems like a reasonable place for us to begin. If you’ve been invited to a Halloween party this year, you’ve undoubtedly wondered what you’ll wear – a sheet over the head with a couple of eye holes will no longer cut it, sorry! We’ve got a couple of ideas for using Dickies overalls you may already have, or if you haven’t they are really inexpensive and easy to follow. See the video’s below:


Mad Forensic Scientist Costume


Escaped Inmate Costume


Halloween Pumpkins

It can be great fun carving a pumpkin (or multiple pumpkins!). There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of delivering a design to be proud of. And with large pumpkins now available in all supermarkets as well as local suppliers throughout the UK they are incredibly easy to source. Check out our creations below and feel free to share yours with us on our Facebook page too.


IMG_5777 IMG_5779

























Halloween Ideas

Going back to that party we mentioned earlier! How about using a large pumpkin as a beer cooler? Our quick video shows you how to create an incredibly simple & easy way of storing & presenting your beers this Halloween:



Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments below or head on over to our Social Media pages to get your creation featured to all our followers!


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