Dickies’ Toolbox Definitions


The common toolbox- be it battered and beautiful after years of graft on the job, or you’re at new beginnings of that special tool box relationship, a tool box and its contents are as important as the workwear you put on in a morning to head out to work.

You see these tools day in; day out, but how do you define your tools in the most accurate way, we hear you ask yourself?  We had a go here at Dickies:










We have some great tool box additions, which you can find here.  Do you have any good uses for the tools in your box?  Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Geoff Cresswell

    Tape measure – excellent for reaching down your Dickie overalls to reach that itchy spot in themiddle of your back
    Screwdriver – essential for ear wax removal and stirring paint( in that order) for screws, please see “hammer”
    Awl -used to make a point eg “in the last hour you have done **** awl !”
    Trowel – perfect for applying brown sauce to bacon sarnies (may also be used by office girl to apply cosmetics)

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