Easy DIYs to Prepare Your House for Winter

The beast that is winter is well on its way. Show it what you’re made of by making sure that your home is an impenetrable fort in the coming months. With these handy DIYs, you can easily weatherproof your home, keeping the frost at bay and the heat turned up! Who needs to call in a favour when you can beat the cold with your own two hands?


How to Fix Leaks around Windows

fix window leaks


  1. Light a candle close to your window frames.


2. If it flickers you might have a draft.


3. Clean the window area so it’s free of dust and old paint.


4. Patch by applying caulk around the window trim and between the trim and frame.


How to Bleed Your Radiator



  1.  Radiator not heating up? Look for a small valve at the top of your radiator.


2. Depending on your valve type, use a radiator key, flat screwdriver or 12-point socket and slowly turn the valve counter clockwise until water starts dripping out.


3. This will release trapped air and let hot water into the cold fins.


4. Bleeding your radiator will lower the water pressure. So slowly add water by opening, then closing the valve on the water pipe above the boiler.


How to Protect Exposed Water Pipes from Freezing



  1. Buy some easy to use tubular-sleeve insulation.


2. Cut the sleeve to the length of the pipe you want to protect.


3. Wrap it around the pipe.


4. If you need more than one sleeve to cover a long pipe, make sure to duct tape the seam.


Reverse Your Ceiling Fan



Reversing your ceiling fan can help warm up your house. Flip the switch on your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise in winter. This will make the warm air circulate downwards, helping you reduce energy costs and maximise the heat in your room.

How to Check Your Gutters



  1. Avoid overflow & check your gutters are pitched evenly by holding a level even with the gutter.


2. Properly pitched gutters slope between 160mm and 320mm per foot, directing water to the downspout.


3. For longer gutters, pour water from a flowing hose and check which direction it runs.



How to Patch a Gutter Hole



  1. Buy a tube of roofing cement and a metal-repair patch. Make sure that the patch matches the gutter material.


2. Clean all debris with a plastic scoop or putty knife.


3. Scrub the area with a hard bristle wire brush.


4. Apply a liberal amount of roofing cement with a caulking gun, spreading it a few centimetres beyond the hole and apply the patch.


How to Thaw Frozen Water Pipes



  1. First check that the frozen area of the pipe isn’t split or damaged. This could cause flooding when thawed. If it is, call a plumber.


2. If the pipe is intact, use a hair dryer or electric heater to heat the area around the frozen part.


3. Be careful when using these devices and never leave them unattended.


4. Continue until your pipe has thawed.


How to Rid Your Chimney of Animals



  1. Sometimes animals will set up nests in chimneys during periods of disuse.


2. Use a mirror and a powerful flashlight to look up your chimney. Be sure to check for blockages and damage.


3. Scare away any lodgers by burning a small ball of paper in the fireplace. The smoke should be enough to drive them away.


4. If it’s safe, dislodge any nests using a lightweight PVC pipe from the top of the chimney. Make sure the pipe is long enough so it won’t get stuck in the chimney if you drop it!


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