Elliott Puts his Pair of Dickies to the Test at Mad Monk 2013 [Part Two – The Boots]



We managed to speak with Elliott after he had caught his breath at X-runner’s Mad Monk challenge on Sunday and asked him a few questions about how his trainers held up.

Dickies: Was this your first X-runner event and how did you fair?

Elliott: Yes it was but it certainly won’t be my last! My one regret was entering a bit late and only giving myself a couple of weeks to prepare myself. I managed to get through in 1 hour 13 minutes which I’m pretty happy with, but I’ll definitely make sure to start training a lot earlier next time.


Dickies: Run us through some of the obstacles. What was your most challenging?

 Elliott: One of the first obstacles we came up against was the stream, through which we had to run the whole length. Although it isn’t a hard task in itself, for the rest of the race you are forced to run in wet and muddy shoes, which most people found very challenging. It definitely made it tougher, but thanks to my Dickies boots I think I got off a little lighter.


The most challenging was definitely the river, mostly because of the temperature [See Photo]. The mercury dropped so low in there that one of my team-mates had to be rescued from shock. By now I was drenched and slippery and wet balancing beams are definitely not the ideal successor to a river crossing, which had already left me cold, stiff and barely mobile.


Dickies: Tell us about your trainers. How long have you had them?

Elliott: I picked them up a few weeks before the run so I could train in them. Coming from an engineering background I have always lived in Dickies work boots. Rather than pick up a pair of unknown running shoes I knew that a pair of lightweight composite safety trainers would be more than up to the job and that I would feel much more confident in them.


Dickies: How did they deal with the water? Any blisters?

Elliott: They performed really well. It was naturally very odd swimming in trainers, but I didn’t suffer any pain or discomfort and definitely no blisters! The best part is that after a scrub up they’re as good as new and ready for the next event.


The Dickies Murcia Trainer is a safety trainer (also available as a boot) that is built to withstand high speed, high impact action. Its lightweight, yet rugged composition is perfect for when you need to stay mobile under inclement conditions.

The composite toecap and midsole offers all-round protection and the upper is composed of fullgrain leather with a sleek, waxy finish. The toe region is well guarded to protect this high impact area.

Here are more detailed specs of this versatile product, which would make the perfect purchase before the next X-runner event on June 29th, where you may even be able to give Elliott a run for his money.


  • Composite midsole (1100KN).
  • Composite toecap (200 joules).
  • Antistatic sole.
  • Padded collar and tongue.
  • Water resistant leather uppers.
  • Non-metallic midsole for underfoot protection.
  • Cemented rubber outsole with EVA inserts.
  • External toe guard.
  • Waxy fullgrain cow leather upper.





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