Follow Our Lead – Guest Post from Oldies Club

Follow Our Lead – Guest Post from Oldies Club

Is there any better way to relax and de-stress than by going for a lovely walk? It doesn’t matter whether you’re going on a short stroll or a hike through the countryside; fresh air and time to clear your mind always helps blow away the cobwebs.

Of course, if you have a canine companion with you, then all the better. At Oldies Club we have lots of lovely dogs over the age of 7 who still love to go for walks. Some are not as fit as others but many of them can still manage a few walks – they just need someone to take them.

Follow our lead Duke

Once you’re walking with a dog it becomes much more than just a walk, it’s an adventure and a social occasion. Every dog walker you meet has a nod of the head, or a “hello”, and many will stop and talk to you about your companion and of course, about their own. Dog walkers really are a breed apart and love to spend time talking about their furry companions.

If I’m honest, the only reason I started walking was because I adopted a rescue dog. She was an older dog, 10 years old, but still had lots of energy and loved to go out, no matter where it was – she just loved being out and about – although her favourite place had to be the sea or a river. Dogs, as everyone knows, are very therapeutic. It’s lovely to see them enjoying a new environment, sniffing every blade of grass, greeting other dogs with a wag of the tail and always ready to play with a new companion.


For anyone who hasn’t heard of Oldies Club, it’s a national dog charity who help homeless/unwanted dogs over 7 years old, and is run completely by volunteers. We have foster homes all around the country (we always need more) and once a dog comes into Oldies Club he/she is assessed in the foster home for a couple of weeks, given any necessary vet treatment and once the fosterer thinks they know the character of the dog, he/she is advertised on our website From there it’s just a waiting game to see which lucky family is going to adopt which lovely dog.

How to Help

We really need more people to support us and you can do that in various ways. Of course, we’d love more people to adopt our lovely canines, but we also need fosterers, fund raisers, and volunteers to help us to promote the wonderful work done by Oldies Club.

For anyone in the North East, there is a great dog walk taking place in June. The Great North Dog Walk takes place on Sunday 8th June, starting at 10am. It’s just a short walk, only 3.5 miles and takes place at South Shields, around Gypsy Green, taking the circular route along the cliff tops. The scenery is stunning and there’s a lot to do apart from the walk. It’s a great way to raise funds too as it’s a sponsored walk and I’ll be doing it again this year, raising funds for Oldies Club. If you can spare a pound or two then please donate via I have a massive target this year as one of our recent arrivals, Judy, has cost us over £1000 in vet fees!


I hope you enjoy your next walk but while you’re out, just imagine how much better it would be with a lovely older dog ambling alongside you – and if you already have one, perhaps consider having another one as a companion –after all, they are pack animals and two is just as easy as one!

Please get in touch if you’d like to support us in any way – we do not receive any kind of funding so every pound you can spare is very gratefully received and will help towards saving a dog’s life. We always have a waiting list of dogs but without more foster homes, adoptions and funds we cannot help them.


There’s lots more information about us on our website, and we have a Facebook page where you can see a selection of our lovely dogs just waiting for a chance of a forever home, and also receive updates on our latest fundraising activities.

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