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Although tickets for most of the bigger festivals in the UK run out within days or hours on some occasions, it’s often the case where there’s a last minute scramble to get fully prepared for the good times ahead. DickiesStore has put together a list of tips and products to gear you up in advance. We’ve outlined a few necessities that we feel will perfectly suit your needs this festival season.


These Boots are Made for Walking, Dancing, Jumping, Protecting and Safety

The Festival: Glastonbury | 26th to 30th June | Worthy Farm, Somerset (Glastonbury website)



The Tip: Avoid Onesie Woes:

It’s terribly hard resisting the temptation to leave your favourite tiger onesie at home before driving off to Worthy Farm, but this is an official warning to think twice before doing so. Portable lavatories are unforgiving and as it is the onesie isn’t the easiest garment to navigate. This particularly applies to females.


The Must-Have:FW11100

Wellingtons are definitely not a passing fad and they come out in full force during festival time. Even though the solstice may imply something else, let’s get real about British summers. You only have to consider the Isle of White and Creamfields festivals of 2012 (in late June and late August respectively) to understand the unpredictable underfoot conditions that can occur any time of year. A decent pair of Wellingtons is essential to combat any muddy onslaughts. DickiesStore offers a range of classic wellies to keep you comfortable, cushioned and dry throughout the fest.


Water off a Dancer’s Back

The Festival: T in the Park | 12-14 July | Balado, Kinross-shire, Scotland


The Tip: Go Solar
We all know the gig. Being eco-friendly should be more of a way of life than a chore these days and it starts with the little things. You’re bound to get some sun at the festival. It is summer after all, so investing in a solar powered charger for your mobile or some such other device is a great idea.


The Must-Have

WP70000 Black

With boots already being covered, it wouldn’t be fair to neglect the rest of the body from water protection. This full Exmoor Suit seems like it was designed for the unpredictability of festival conditions. Happily leave it dry as a bone in your tent when the sun’s out, but if you’re on some form of plain and the rain is staying mainly there, then grab this little gem and you’ll be the envy of those who underprepared. The reasons why:


–          Waterproof fabric: 2000mm (a lot)

–          Breathable: 2000mvp (very)

–          Two access pockets for less important items

–          Two zipped, fastened back pockets (if you feel you have to carry your mobile with you then you’re covered.)

–          Two zipped front pockets in the jacket.

–          Concealed hood within the jacket collar.


Five of a Kind

The Festival: V Fest | 17-18 August | Chelmsford, Essex + Weston-under-Lizard, Staffordshire


The Tip: Be a Happy Snapper
This one’s about cameras. Sure expensive, invasive lenses have their place and a lot to offer, as do the ever-improving Smartphone cameras, but when you’re in the middle of a mud bath, just a slight elbow nudge from a less-than-considerate festival goer could result in a bit of a downer. A disposable camera might develop images that never see your Facebook wall, but memories will been documented nonetheless.   


The Must Have:sh5005-white

Enough about inclement weather, this latest offering from DickiesStore is a great purchase for your long weekend of summer lovin’. It’s a 5-pack of Dickies printed t-shirts.  They’re sold together but are packaged individually so you can always offer one to a friend in need. At a very affordable price, no matter what conditions you find yourself in, just slap on a new one every day and you’re good to go.


Less Sleeves

The Festival: Bestival | 5-8 September | Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight


The Tip: Be Bright.
Obviously be smart about your partying and do it safely etc, but more specifically, the best way to share the good times with your mates is to stand out. Whether it be what you wear or even making your tent a beacon that is easily identified both for yourself and so as to not fade into the darkness, inviting stumblers to join the party.


The Must Have:WX7000

There comes that time when you’re on the d-floor just waiting for the beat to drop, when your previously rolled-up sleeves start sliding down to their natural position, which is just not cool (in both senses). On one hand it’s too hot and too restricting, but on the other it’s too cold to remove the layer. The Dickies Brendon Gilet is just one of several bodywarmers responsible for keeping your torso at optimum temperature while at the same time liberating your arms in the process so feeling a lot less constricted.


So whether it be Glastonbury, V Festival, Isle of White, Reading or T in the Park, remember to prepare yourself adequately so all you have to worry about when you arrive is finding a good tent position and prioritising which acts you’d like to feature on your itinerary. Most of all, have a blast!




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