Guest Post: How to Create a Summer Hanging Basket

Bugs are the worst thing about the summer, aside from the humidity. However, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing the dawn of a summer’s day with the dew dripping off the marigolds, morning glories and roses in full bloom out in the garden. Creating a lush hanging garden basket on the apartment balcony will bring the summer colour festival to anyone’s home, and with a citronella plant in the basket, the bugs will stay away too.

hanging basket

Ready to begin? First, a trip to the local home improvement store for a bag of potting soil for planters and a few very pretty flowers. These can all be found in the nursery section of any respectable discount store with a garden section. Honeysuckle grows everywhere, to the point where many people have to spray it to keep it from destroying fencing and overtaking a home altogether.

Flower suggestions:

• Honeysuckle
• Morning Glories
• Marigolds
• Philodendron
• Wandering Jew
• Christmas Cactus
• Miniature Roses
• Citronella

hanging baskets

Once all the flowers are obtained, make sure to choose a basket that hangs and can be lifted up after the planted flowers have all been added. Getting a basket that is too big will be difficult to hang, and the structure that must hold it could break. Remember that it is necessary to keep the basket wet for the flowers which will add weight. It’s best to purchase a standard sized hanging basket for hanging safely and securely.

summer hanging basket

1. Fill the basket with potting soil.

2. Then, in concentric circles starting with the citronella in the middle, plant one of each plant going around until the basket is planted with one of each plant obtained.

3. Pick the basket up by the hanging ropes or straps and place it securely on a sturdy hook or arm that can accept the weight of the basket.

4. Make sure to check the on the progress of growth, and ensure the soil is moist but not over watered.

garden basket

Thanks to Easy Shed for this contribution!

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