Happy, Healthy and Safe!

Happy, Healthy and Safe!

Caring for our countryside, caring for ourselves

We know having a dog is brilliant for our physical health and for our well-being! Dogs also help to remind us just how valuable our countryside and green spaces are  – walking our dogs helps us to keep in touch with nature in the midst of busy modern lives.

Gandi (Gandalf) at Hod Hill
Gandi (Gandalf) at Hod Hill – David Burgess photography

Apart from the companionship and love that can make such a difference to how we feel, how many of us would regularly find the time to get out and about for a walk if it weren’t for our dogs?

People with dogs sometimes get a bad press, but we can ensure that we’re welcomed when we’re out and about with our dogs if we follow the simple ‘doggy do code’ – find out all about it at http://www.dorsetdogs.org.uk.


Caring for our dogs

So our dogs help us stay healthy, happy and safe – do we do the same for them? Most dog owners that I know certainly give their dogs the best possible life with plenty of love, exercise and attention, but taking care of your dog isn’t only about putting on your trainers and going for walks.

Alfie photographed by Sarah Smith – Purbeck Paws

There is a basic level of care that must now be given to animals by law (Animal Welfare Act 2006).

These are the 5 ‘freedoms’ which the law requires:

1. A suitable place to live.

2. A healthy diet, including fresh clean water.

3. The ability to behave normally.

4. Appropriate company, including any need to be housed with, or apart from, other animals.

5. Protection from pain, suffering, injury or disease.

New dog owners can get a handy basic guide about these freedoms and caring for their dog at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/code-of-practice-for-the-welfare-of-dogs

Kiara and Zeus credit Gladwin Photography
Kiara and Zeus credit Gladwin Photography

Dorset Dogs champions positive management for dogs in town, coast & countryside and promotes responsible ownership. Join us at www.dorsetdogs.org.uk

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