Having a Blast: Paintballing in the UK

Having a Blast: Paintballing in the UK

If you’re not afraid of a little paint (and pain!), then paintballing is the perfect activity to get your pulse pounding and your heart racing!

Whether you’re a team player or a fan of going it alone, paintballing allows you to have great fun whilst incorporating strategy and tactics into this adrenaline-fuelled battlefield. Of course, some people’s idea of strategy involves running out and wildly shooting everything in sight, but to each, their own!


Whilst paintball has traditionally been used by police and military units for tactics training, it is also a great activity for corporate team building, stag do’s and birthdays.

Paintball games are offered by a number of companies at locations all over the UK – a simple Google search will alert you to the destinations near you. The UK Paintball Sports Federation also provides enthusiasts with a list of sites/companies per location, and organises and promotes a number of paintball events.

These epic paint battles can take place indoors or outdoors, in a variety of game zones with different themes– anything from ancient battlefields to the zombie apocalypse! Game types can also vary – capture the flag, elimination rounds, or attacking/defending certain areas are just some of the options available.


The gear

Paintballs consist of water soluble dye encased in gelatine capsules, which are then fired from a paintball gun. Better quality paintballs include cornstarch and metallic flakes in the paint mixture, which makes a thick glittery “splat” which is hard to wipe off. Originally, paintballs were made from oil-based paint with a carbon dioxide gas propellant, but today’s paintballs are far more eco-friendly, incorporating a water-based formula and compressed air.

Of course, protective clothing is also important – not just to keep you paint free, but also to cushion you somewhat from the impact – paintballs pack quite a punch. If you’re running, jumping and dodging around obstacles, hardy clothing and good shoes are also a must. Here are DickiesStore’s top suggestions for appropriate paintball attire.

  • Overalls: Whether you require lined overalls for extra warmth, or a lightweight garment for the summer heat, DickiesStore sells both men’s and women’s overalls to keep you as paint-free as possible. The deluxe coverall is a great option, since its Teflon coated to provide maximum water and stain repellency, without affecting breathability of the fabric.
  • Trousers:  If overalls aren’t your thing, then you can wear durable trousers and a jacket instead. Our camouflage combat trousers will help you to blend in with the scenery, whilst the Dickies Eisenhower Pro Kevlar Trousers, as the name suggests, contain Kevlar, a material commonly used in body armour. Don’t forget to invest in a pair of kneepads – your legs will thank you later.

  • Boots:  Sturdy, durable and comfortable footwear is a must if you’re going to embark on a paintball adventure. Try the Dickies Severn Super Safety Boot, or our ever popular Medway Super Safety Hiker.
  • Eyewear: Eye protection is a must – the idea of taking a paintball to the eye is a little nauseating. Try our lightweight full vision safety goggles, which have both anti-fog and anti-scratch qualities.  DickiesStore also stock a full face protection kit, including a face shield and brow guard.

Being water soluble, the paint is easy enough to wash off your skin and out of your clothes, although walking around covered in bright splatters of paint is half the fun.

Serious about paint

Are you looking to go pro, or take up paintball as a regular activity? There are a number of clubs and affiliations across the UK which you can join – the aforementioned UK Paintball Sports Federation offers player membership, and Just Paintball has a great guide to the different paintball teams across the UK. You can also find an extensive list of UK paintball clubs here.


Happy paintballing, Dickies fans! Have you been paintballing? Is there a great location we should know about? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. A great run-through of the sport – especially love that first photo too! Keep it coming.


    Delta Force Paintball

  2. Paintballing is a great sport that includes lot of strategy planning. If played with all the mentioned gear in a safe way, it will provide great entertainment. I am interested in buying some equipment may be next month.

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