Little People and the Great Outdoors

The weather is warming up and it’s time to venture outside! Whether you’re the avid outdoors type looking to bring your offspring along on your adventures, or you’re simply looking to get the whole family away from the television screen and into the fresh air, here is our round up of the best advice for enjoying the outdoor life with young children.

Family Hiking


Parents wanting to introduce their kids to the hiking lifestyle need to adjust their expectations – little legs can’t climb as far as their adult counterparts, and they get tired easily. Choose a shorter, flatter, child-friendly trail that is manageable and contains something of interest, such as wildlife, rock formations, water features or amazing views.

It is advisable to let your children set the pace, and make sure you plan for rest stops. Let them take time to explore and look around – even the smallest bug crawling across the path is fascinating when you’re a kid.

kid hike

If your child is too small to walk far, you can still bring them along – invest in a baby carrier that can be strapped on to your chest or back.


Unless they’re on tricycles and you’re heading out on a very short ride around the block,  kids under the age of 5 are generally non-pedalling passengers. Bike Radar suggests that parents invest in a child trailer or child seat, depending on your needs and budget. These can be attached onto the back of the bike, so that kids can come along on your cycling excursions.

Once children are a little bigger, they will be keen to cycle on their own bikes. Plan your family trips around their abilities and cycling experience.

As mentioned previously, make allowances for rest stops and general breaks to enjoy the surroundings.

Always ensure you are extra safe as well if your journey if you will be cycling on public roads. Hi-vis clothing is your best friend and could save your life.


Things to Remember

No matter what outdoor activities your family is taking part in, always remember to dress for the weather! If it’s sunny outside, don’t forget the hats and sunscreen. Always bring spare jackets as well – you never know when the weather might turn.

As for cold, miserable weather? Ensure the small people are waterproof and warm!

Also check that they are wearing the correct footwear with a proper grip – you don’t want them slipping on wet ground, or worse, having to traipse around with sore blistered feet.

Kids also get hungry and tired much more frequently than adults – make sure to bring along extra snacks and water bottles.

Bring along lots of plasters in your first aid kit – kids are prone to plenty of scrapes and bruises. Also pack plenty of tissues and handwipes.

Dickies Kids Gear

The Dickies Mission Kids Coverall is great for those times when you’re outdoors and it starts to rain. This waterproof garment offers your child high levels of foul weather protection, and has a reflective tape trim to aid visibility in low light conditions.

Meanwhile, the Dickies Children’s High Visibility Safety Waistcoat is essential for family bike rides, walks or jogs alongside the road.


If your kids are clad in wellingtons, then the Dickies Bama Boot Socks are a must for keeping feet comfortable, warm and dry.

Finally, the durable Dickies Redhawk Junior Zip Front Overall is perfect for keeping the kids’ clothes clean when they’re romping about and having fun.

If you’re looking to start small, the internet is full of great advice for getting your kids back into nature – here is one such example from The Guardian.


What great adventures have you had with your kids? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share pics!


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