New Year’s Resolutions with DickiesStore

In the spirit of all things new years, we asked members of the DickiesStore staff what their goals are for the upcoming year.

Managing Director John Macknay is planning to work on his physical fitness for 2014, since he’ll be taking his Aviation Medical at the end of January.

Kerry Shaw, who works in DickiesStore’s customer service, is planning to look after herself more in 2014, and also become more organised at home. Most important of all, she’s going to focus on chilling out more this year – in her own words, “It is not the end of the world if I have a few pots in the sink!”

Meanwhile, Thomas Halston, our resident graphic designer, is hoping to take up photography and improve his skills.

Development Manager Elliott Fox is aiming to get an oculus rift this year – yes, we also had to google that. According to the all-knowing search engine, it’s a virtual reality headset used for gaming.

Personal Account Manager Kelly Dunn is planning to be more laid back and just relax in 2014, whilst Katy Delrosso, who works in customer service, says her new year’s resolution is to stop chasing pigeons. (We were afraid to ask.)

Wendy Taylor, who also works in customer service, has a number of goals for next year – to live life to the full, to stop caring about what other people think, and to eat better and exercise more.


#DickiesJobDone 2014

 And what about you, DickiesStore fans? There’s no better motivation than a new year to accomplish tasks you keep putting off, whether it’s working on your fitness levels, taking part in an outdoor event, or finally getting to that household project you’ve been meaning to do.

Here at DickiesStore, we hope you’re planning some great goals for 2014. After all, if you snap a picture of your completed task and send it in to us as part of our #DickiesJobDone competition, you could stand the chance to win a monthly £100 gift voucher!

Here’s to a great 2014, filled with fun and adventure!

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