Roadtech put our Calder Boots to the test


Roadtech Cutting Services is an organisation that offer a full range of services based around the highway traffic control industry and are also five time RoSPA award winners.



As the DickiesStore Review Squad gets into full-swing we were very interested to see what reception our chosen Dickies item received in the Roadtech environment. We got hold of Daniel, a civil engineer at Roadtech and sent him over a sample product to test out. Here is what he had to say about his experience:


Daniel’s been at the company for 5 years now and his work involves having to be outdoors regardless of weather conditions. For this reason we thought a pair of boots would suit him just fine. When asked about what he looks for and what his work situation demands in his on the job apparel, he mentioned that protection, comfort and quality waterproofing were essential.

serv_inductive_leftAfter 10 days of civil work wearing Dickies Calder Boots Daniel said the boots held up perfectly and he was particularly impressed with the fact that they were light and provided plenty of comfort. He failed to identify anything that didn’t please him but that if there was anything he could change it would be a slightly thicker rubber front layer.


We asked Dan if he would ever have thought of buying this Dickies product had he not had the chance to review it to which he said no. He did however comment on the fact that after trying them out he would definitely recommend the product to his friends and DickiesStore fans.

After finding his size 8’s very comfortable to work in Daniel showed his interest in trying out all products on the DickiesStore catalogue.

Stay engaged for your chance to join the DickiesStore Review Squad!

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