These Paws Are Made for Walking

These Paws Are Made for Walking


Around 45% (or 13 million) UK households have pets, of which just over 9 million are home to man’s best friends reveals PFMA. From Doberman Pinschers to the Japanese Akitas, German Shepherds and Staffordshire Bull Terriers it seems that dogs are still top of pet the list in England.


A Sleeker, Healthier Pooch

Anyone who’s ever spent time with a dog knows that they’re full of energy and need a lot of stimulation. Exercise is a great way to curb health problems like obesity but is also crucial when it comes to your beloved pup’s mental and emotional well being. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise often start exhibiting bad behaviour like barking, digging and chewing household items.


The ASPCA also mentions bin raiding, hyperactivity and attention grabbing behavior like whining.

While it’s true that certain breeds are more excitable than others (just compare Jack Russell’s to Bull dogs), they all need to get out – both for their sake as well as to spare your furniture and shoes!

Luckily the UK has hundreds of beautiful, safe walking spots to suit every owner and dog’s fitness levels.


Take ‘Em for Walkies

There are hundreds for dog-friendly walking routes regardless of where you live. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ones around the UK:


Gullet Quarry, Malvern (Worcestershire)

The 15km Malvern Hills are the ideal walking sport for both dog and dog owner. The hills divide the Counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire and offer plenty of breathtaking vistas and running ground for dogs. You can learn more at



Daisy Nook, Lancashire

This walk is said to be a special treat for both those who live near Oldham, as well as those willing to travel. The area boasts of a number of different paths which means that neither dogs nor their owners are apt to get bored easily.



Beaulieu B, Hampshire

According to AllAboutYou this walk is fairly easy and takes you from the village in the new forest, alongside the river to the Bucklers Hard and back. Find out more on the Hampshire County Council website:


The Yorkshire Arboretum

This 150 acre landscape is adorned by hundreds of different trees and lush green lawns, turning it into a true doggie haven. Dogs are welcome if on leashes and without leashes in certain designated areas.

For more information contact the Arboretum on 01653 648598 or at



Finding a Walk near You

dog beachIf these walks are too far away to be enjoyed daily there are a number of very useful sites that will point you in the right direction. The National Trust lists a number of walks on dog-friendly beaches as well as in Attingham Park, Downs Bank, Stourhead Estate and more.


Have a look at our dedicated collection of gear for dog walking here. Find all the essentials such as high vis vest and walking boots while finding a walk near you on WheretoWalkies or DogFriendlyBritain. An oldie but a goodie is the AllAboutYou article listing the 21 top dog walks in the UK.


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  1. Thomas Schonenbergre

    I am too scared to get a dog just because of how often I may need to take them out for a walk – My schedule just doesn’t really allow for it. Can anyone recommend dogs that may be less maintenance from a Dog Walking perspective?

  2. Some incredible walking spots here, my personal favourite would have to be the Gullet Quarry, it’s a great workout for both myself and the dog (plus the views are great!).

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