Top Products Of 2015!

With 2015 now behind us, but certainly not forgotten, we thought it would be a great time to round up the top 10 Dickies workwear products purchased online throughout the year.

There is no surprise to see this list dominated by our high quality workwear trousers – check out our full top 10 below:

1 – Dickies Redhawk Super Work Trousers (product code; WD884)

5 colour options & an extensive choice of sizes have seen the WD884 be our most popular UK product for numerous years. Expected to remain no.1 for 2016!

Buy Dickies Redhawk Super Work Trousers

2 – Dickies Redhawk Action Trousers (product code; WD814)

In a close 2nd comes the WD814 Men’s Action Trousers. These work trousers benefit from zipped pockets and offer our most popular colour variations as well as a huge size range.

Buy Dickies Redhawk Action Trousers

3 – Dickies Redhawk Overall With Zip Front (product code; WD4839)


With a break from trousers, comes the no.1 Dickies overall – the Redhawk Zip Front. This garment has an outstanding choice of colour variations & a wide range of available sizing.

Buy Dickies Redhawk Zip Front Overall

4 – Dickies Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (product code; SH21220)

The first work top on the list is our plain men’s polo shirt. Again, this product has a wide range of colour variations available, with sizing up to 4XL – we’ll certainly see this in the top 10 again this year!

Buy Dickies Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

5 – Dickies Knee Pads (product code; SA66)

With so many work trousers featuring in our list it is really no surprise that our knee pad inserts are also one of our top products of the year. These pads can be inserted into any of our work trousers or overalls which feature knee pad pouches & are very simple to insert & use.

Buy Dickies Knee Pads

6 – Dickies Redhawk Pro Work Trousers (product code; WD801)

Another trouser comfortably making the top 10. The Redhawk Pro are our huge success story for a new product launched over the past few years. With holster pockets & knee pad pouches these are an upgrade for those needing more than a basic kneepad trouser can offer.

Buy Dickies Redhawk Pro Work Trousers

7 – Dickies Plain T-Shirt (product code; SH34225)

Similar to our polo shirt in position 4 our men’s short sleeve t-shirt has an excellent array of colours & styles. We expect this to remain a key product throughout 2016.

Buy Dickies Plain T-Shirt

8 – Dickies Redhawk Cargo Shorts (product code; WD834)

As we don’t see an awful lot of sun in the UK, this is perhaps the surprise package in the top 10! However, our Redhawk Cargo Shorts have been an awesome product for numerous years & benefitted from the addition of 2 new colour options (khaki & olive green) recently. If we have a good summer expect to see these move up the list in 2016, but don’t hold your breath!

Buy Dickies Redhawk Cargo Shorts

9 – Dickies Redhawk Chino Trousers (product code; WD803)

Another product with only a recent history, having only been in the range for a couple of years. Our Chino Trousers offer a smart, basic style of work pant in core colour options only.

Buy Dickies Redhawk Chino Trousers

10 – Dickies Crew Neck Sweatshirt (product code; SH11125)

Propping up the top 10, but still with high volume sales comes our core Crew Neck Sweatshirt. Another product with an exceptional choice of colours & styles available and a great choice for employee uniforms too.

Buy Dickies Crew Neck Sweatshirt


Please feel free to comment below to let us know what has been your favourite product of 2015 (or previous years).

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