The Ultimate Dickies Winter Survival Kit

The Ultimate Dickies Winter Survival Kit

Dickies 2 Tone Parka


Sunday 18th January marked the coldest night of the winter. Loch Glascarnoch in Scotland measured a frosty -11.2C, beating the previous record low this winter of -9C, which was measured on 27th December in Cromdale, Moray. The UK Met Office has released a “severe cold weather action” warning after a forecast of further icy low temperatures was made for the rest of the week.

Working in cold, wet, and generally stormy conditions is difficult.  It can be very dangerous if you’re handling electrical equipment and machinery, as the risk of having an accident increases.

Bearing this in mind, we have put together the ultimate Dickies winter survival kit that will keep you protected and working productively during winter as well as prepared for unexpected weather changes. At DickiesStore we’ve got you covered.


Base layer

To start off, we’ve selected items to form the base layer of your kit. Insulating body heat by adding a thin thermal layer under your clothes is crucial to staying warm in extreme conditions. Not forgetting your feet, our Dickies Thermo socks will ensure that your toes don’t go numb whether you’re out in the rain or sitting at your desk.

Dickies Thermals

Dickies Baselayer Thermal Vest (TH50100)

Dickies Baselayer Thermal Long Johns (TH50000)

Dickies Thermo Socks (2 Pairs) (DCK-00011)


Mid Layer

A good mid layer keeps the body’s core temperature stable and adds versatility to your outfit. Keep snug and comfortable with the Makita MM4 Bodywarmer, or sleeved Dickies Padded Fleece. These items will fit comfortably under any outerwear and can be worn as a final layer on their own when it’s not too cold.


Dickies Padded Fleece (JW81700)


Outer Layer

The outer layer contains some of our toughest Dickies waterproof gear great for guarding you against snow, rain, hail and harsh ripping winds.

The Dickies Waterproof Padded Overall, often referred to as the ‘tunnel suit’, is a heavy duty overall that will keep you warm and dry.  With a drawcord adjustable hood and Velcro cuffs and hems to provide protection against both wet and windy weather.

Designed to have a waterproof exterior of 1000mm, whilst retaining warmth, the Dickies Two Tone Parka Jacket is a great option for Autumn and Winter working conditions. The hood, with fur lining, can be detached with a zip fastening.  In addition to this the adjustable straps and cuffs can be tightened in stormy conditions, or as preferred. There is also a useful inside pocket, ideal for storing your mobile, wallet or other valuable items!


Dickies Outer Wear

From left to right:

Dickies Waterproof Padded Overall (WP15000)

Dickies Two Tone Parka Jacket (JW7008)

Dickies Raintite Waterproof Trousers (WP51000)


The Dickies Groundwater Safety Boot is the perfect combination of a safety boot and wellington.  These boots contain a polyester fleece lining to give a great deal of warmth. Safety is provided via steel toe caps and flexible steel midsoles to offer a high level of protection out on site. The boots also have two leather pull up loops for easy adjustment.

Dickies Groundwater Safety Boot

Dickies Groundwater Safety Boot (Sizes 6-12) (FW13200)



At DickiesStore, we know it’s often the small details that count most. That’s why we included glove, head and eyewear options to the winter survival kit.

When the body’s temperature drops due to exposure to cold temperatures, blood flow decreases within the body. For this reason you might notice your hands, feet, and head becoming cold first. Our Dickies half finger gloves are a new edition to the catalogue and are a perfect solution to those needing hand grip to work with. The Dickies Argon Skytec glove is another great glove option, providing two layers of insulation, excellent grip in wet conditions, and stays flexible in temperatures as low as -50°C!

The Dickies Trapper Hat protects vulnerable ears against icy winds and our safety goggles, strapped safely around your head, will ensure that snow and hail doesn’t fly into your eyes.

Dickies Accessories

Dickies Half Finger Gloves (GL8005)

Dickies Safety Goggles

Dickies Trapper Hat (HA8001)

Dickies Argon Skytec Glove (GL8002)


Some extra tips to keep you warm this winter

Hot winter drinks

  • Wear layers and pay particular attention to your hands, feet and head.
  • Keep hydrated and have regular hot drinks.
  • Don’t wear wet clothes!

We hope that you have found this article helpful and we wish everyone a safe and well prepared winter.

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