Visible Kids Are Safer Kids


Kids grow up so quickly but it’s in those interim years that parents spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that their children are safe; from teaching them to avoid hot plates to how to cross the road a big part of their education is safety.

According to Making the Link, road accidents account for up to a third of accidental deaths among children under the age of 14 (many of whom were pedestrians).

One of the easiest, and often most overlooked, aspects of child safety is the use of high vis clothing. Granted a little boy or girl can still cross the road without seeing the oncoming car but, when wearing a high visibility T-shirt or jacket at least the chances that the motorist will notice them in time will be that much greater.


What to look for.

When it comes to buying high visibility clothing for kids there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Any vest, shirt or jackets needs to be made up of two elements – reflective material and fluorescent fabric. Both of these materials increase a child’s visibility, especially at night. In fact, reflective strips are key to night time safety as light sources will pick up on them more so than on the fluorescent material.
  • Once the visibility factor has been sorted out it’s important to look at the kinds of situations the clothing will be worn in, in order to determine the right fit. If for example, you’ve bought a vest to be worn while boating or doing water sports it’s important that the vest fits snugly to ensure that it won’t fall off.
  • It might also be useful to purchase both a warmer and a cooler item so that your child has something to wear in different weather conditions.
  • The great thing about high vis clothing is that it isn’t expensive; the price range is between £4.00 to about £14.00.



Marvellous multiple uses.

From high visibility hoodies to jackets, T-shirts and vests there is a wide range of clothing. These items tend to be lightweight and can be used to increase visibility when walking to school, cycling, skate boarding, fishing, boating or even hiking. Of course, high vis can only be effective it’s being worn so it’s a good idea to teach your kids why and when they need to wear these items.



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