Wet Weather Hacks – Keep Warm and Dry in the Rainy Season

Wet Weather Hacks – Keep Warm and Dry in the Rainy Season

It’s been a tad rainy these past few days, which may bring a fair share of hazards and annoyances. Here are DickiesStore’s top tips for dealing with the wet weather – from keeping your gadgets dry to easy ice removal.


It’s Cold Out Here

Is your car stuck in the snow? Apparently kitty litter can work just as well as sand or salt when it comes to getting your tyres out of a tight spot, so to speak. Once you’ve scraped away as much of the snow, sludge and ice as possible, put some of the kitty litter around and underneath your car tyres.

Meanwhile, to prevent ice from forming on your car windows, mix up a solution containing three parts distilled vinegar to one part water. Spray it onto your windshield, and voila! It’s best to do this before the snow actually hits, but the mixture can also help to melt ice that has already formed.

If you need to dig your driveway free of snow, spray the spade with some cooking spray, vegetable oil or paraffin wax first. This will prevent the snow from sticking, and make it a lot easier for you to clear the way.


A brine solution, consisting of salt mixed in hot water, can be sprayed onto your pavements and porches prior to a snowstorm. This will prevent ice from forming, and make it easier to sweep snow away.

Finally, if you’ll be cycling in slippery weather but can’t afford to buy winter tyres for your bike, you can put zip ties at staggered intervals around your bike tires, which will provide you with extra traction.

Protect the Tech!

We advise you not to carry your mobile around in your pocket during rainy weather, unless you’re wearing a pair of waterproof trousers! If you’re going to be out and about in wet weather, put your gadgets in ziplock bags. This means that even if the rain soaks though your handbag or purse, your mobile and music player will still be kept warm and dry.

Of course, if you’re going to be carrying around cameras or iPads in the rain, we recommend you invest in a proper waterproof case or cover.

If you do happen to drop your prized gadget in a puddle, place it in a container filled with rice. The rice will draw out the water, and dry out the device.


Gear for a Rainy Day

Dickies has you covered, with clothing to suit all weather conditions. Our great range of waterproof trousers will keep your lower half dry during these rainy days – and don’t forget about our wide range of waterproof jackets! Keep the kids protected with our children’s coverall, a junior version of the highly popular waterproof padded coverall.


Got any rainy-day tips for us? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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