Dickies and Redhawk Overalls

Dickies and Redhawk Overalls

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Dickies and Redhawk Overalls

DickiesStore is one of the leading suppliers of 'work wear overalls' and boiler suits for all parts of the UK and Ireland. As the official online distributor for Dickies in the UK, we have the full range of mens coveralls as well as overalls for women.

Overalls and coveralls are generic terms that refer to any item of clothing that covers or protects the everyday work clothes of the wearer. Dickies coveralls are available in economy Redhawk overalls or deluxe overalls. This ensures there is an overall to suit any pocket.

Also available from Dickies are womens overalls and tabards, boiler suits for kids, flame retardant overalls and mens bib and brace dungaree sets. Then there is the one item that will satisfy many a worker out in the cold and wet wintery conditions - The Dickies padded waterproof overall. This is one of the best selling Dickies workwear products in the UK every winter without fail.

In addition, any mechanic will tell you that grease stains are an inevitable consequence of working with cars, vehicles and engines of any kind. This makes workwear coveralls the indispensable part of any mechanic's wardrobe. Painting is another industry in which coveralls are invaluable, as painters need to be protected from paint splatters and splash-backs. So, whatever your industry or profession, a set of Dickies overalls is a must have item for many.



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