Dickies Hi Vis Trousers

Hi vis safety trousers are a great product to team with any hi-vis jacket to meet the requirement for total body coverage, reflectivity & visibility at the side of major roads in the UK. With EN471 British Standards of varying levels depending on your need, you can be sure a set of Dickies hi viz work trousers will ensure your safety roadside. We of course also offer a full range of workwear trousers or waterproof trousers that do not offer the hi-visiblity elements within this range too.

And with a growing number of workers requiring the trackside safety offered by orange GO/RT rail-safe products, Dickies now have an expanding range of railway or trackside workwear to meet this growing demand. Whateve work wear, PPE or safety clothing you need, you can count on Dickies workwear.