Dickies Waterproofs

Waterproofs are now a major part of the Dickies brand as we continue to expand from core work wear garments, applying our knowledge and expertise in garment construction to a wider range of lifestyle and outerwear clothing product types. This is particularly true of the rainwear and waterproof clothing section, with an excellent range of jackets & suits in addition to a great collection of waterproof trousers.

The range encompasses budget suits, such as the Dickies Vermont Rainsuit,through to high end tunnel suits like the Dickies Waterproof Padded Overall. This is one of the most popular Dickies products (from an excellent variety of overalls) in the entire workwear catalogue with huge volume sales throughout all periods of sustained rain in the UK. With new technologies and products coming through year after year this range of waterproof clothing continues to get better & better.

For those with an interest in product history & fabric technologies we also have a blog post on the history of waterproof fabrics for you to view!