Hi Vis Safety Workwear

Dickies high visibility clothing, reflective gear & safety work wear will all meet British Standard EN471. Your safety is our business, therefore our range of reflective hi vis clothes are of the highest quality only. All protective high visibility gear, including high vis jackets & hi-vis vests, should meet the requirements of The Safety at Street Work and Road Works Code of Practice.

Understanding the varying levels of visibility and reflectivity can be complicated. Here is the DickiesStore simple breakdown of information:

  • EN471 Class 3 - The highest level of hi vis protection. For trunk roads and all other roads forming the Primary Route Network (PRN). Also for roads displaying green/blue directional signs and all other roads where the speed limit is 40mph and above.
  • EN471 Class 2 - The intermediate level of hi vis protection. This is the minimum requirement for working on any road where the speed limit is less that 40mph.
  • EN471 Class 1 - The lowest level of hi vis protection. This should only be worn in areas of minimal risk (e.g. off road situations such as transport depots etc).

High visibility Dickies work clothes are manufactured with the varying levels of protection as above. Each product carries a different level of hi viz protection within the product description. This enables you to choose the correct hi vis workwear, safety vest or other garment for you or your employees.

Dickies also manufacture a wide range of trackside safety wear carrying the GO/RT 3279 British Standard. This fantastic range of railway safety clothing will offer EN471 in addition to the orange GO/RT specification. Your safety at the side of the track is of paramount importance to the team at DickiesStore, which is why this great range is now available to buy online. Please also ensure your feet are protected with safety boots, rigger boots or other EN20345 protective footwear.