Painting & Decorating with DickiesPainting & Decorating with Dickies

Dickies Painters Trousers

Dickies Painters Trousers are specifically designed for the requirement of painters and decorators. They are e...

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Your Guide to Painting Gear

Your Guide to Painting

Painting is messy work. Luckily, DickiesStore has you covered. Find the best painting gear for the job with our range of workwear, includ...

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Dickies Plain T-Shirt

The Dickies Plain T-Shirt is an everyday essential item for a variety of workmen and professions. This is an e...

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Go through your home and open windows to ensure the seal and caulking around the window frame is in good condition. Think of adding heavier drapery around windows that regularly start to draft. This will help the heating and cooling of your home and save you money in the long run, especially with electricity costs. 

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When painting a floor, go from the outside corner to a doorway. [Amy Jane Beckett]

Dickies Industry 260 Bib And Brace

These are a lighter weight Dickies Industry Bib And Brace, with a fabric weight of 260gsm. The waist is adju...

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39 Painting and DIY Hacks & Tips

39 Painting and DIY
Hacks & Tips

We’ve curated 39 of the most interesting tips and hacks from around the internet for your enjoyment. So whether you’re into painting, DIY, org...

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Dickies Disposable Coverall

These disposable overalls/boilersuits are perfect for single use/limited use conditions. Manufactured in accor...

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Dickies Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

The Dickies Short Sleeve Polo Shirt is one of the best selling products from the entire Dickies range. High qu...

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Dickies FFP1D Respirator (5 Pack)

These single use respirators are a basic level, designed to protect against non-toxic solid and liquid aerosol...

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Painting & Decorating

As a workwear & DIY clothing brand, we at Dickies know that painting can be a dirty job! There are thousands of hints & tips out there to make the job of decorating easier for you if you haven’t hired a professional painter. Whilst we admire anyone taking on DIY projects whether large or small, we’d recommend for complex jobs that are beyond your capability you do always hire an expert. Sometimes this can be cheaper in the long run!

We have a variety of painter’s dungarees or bib & brace trousers available online that are absolutely perfect for this job. There’s a huge choice of sizes, choice of colours & a value Redhawk bib & brace range that is perfect for the amateur painter. There’s also the option of going all out and having a full overall to protect against paint splashes. We have an excellent range of overalls in stock, which includes white overalls.

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