Workwear Trousers

Work trousers are far and away the most popular product type in the Dickies workwear catalogue. There are an array of styles & material combinations available online to choose from, in addition to a wide choice of colours. Sizes vary between the available products, but it is common to see a choice of leg lengths in addition to a huge range of waist sizes – you should definitely find the right workwear trousers for your needs here! Here’s a brief round-up of the styles on offer:

Knee Pad Trousers – these will offer a pouch to insert a Dickies knee pad and are frequently premium quality with a great selection of styles and colours available.

Reaper Trousers – a traditional Dickies trouser, popular in the UK for farming, gardening & agricultural areas of work.

Cargo Trousers – also known as combat trousers or combats after their original use in the military. These feature side “cargo” pockets and are usually loosely cut pants.

Waterproof Trousers – surely these don’t need any explanation - we are in the UK after all!

Work Jeans – the range here is expanding due to the increased number of workers wearing denim in the UK, taking inspiration from our roots in the USA.

Womens Trousers – made to fit the female figure and not just smaller versions of men’s trousers, an increasing popular Dickies product.

Work Shorts – OK, so not technically trousers, but where else could we put them! A variety of work shorts perfect for warm conditions or outdoor working in the summer.

Belts & Knee Pads  - a selection of trouser accessories. Dickies have a wide range of quality work belts and also provide kneeling pads to go inside knee pad trouser inserts.

As well as high quality Dickies workwear, we also have a wide variety of accessories & PPE available. For this category why not take a look at the selection of canvas and leather belts to purchase alongside your Dickies trousers.