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What do you think of when you think of Dickies?

Do you think of a traditional American work wear brand? Of the pride and toughness of hard working people? Perhaps the hobby gardener or garage tinkerer?

The brand, Williamson-Dickie, was born in the small town of Bryan Texas in 1922. It moved into European and Middle Eastern markets throughout the later part of the 20th century, landing successfully in the UK as ‘Dickies’ in the 1980s.

Although our offering to the UK market was affordable and durable workwear, growth in the 1990s saw the Dickies brand move towards the trend-setting and skate boarding communities in the US.  This momentum spread from the US to Europe and positioned Dickies not only as a workwear choice, but as a practical fashion option too. The Dickies Life arm of the brand continues to thrive in Europe.

Today, Dickies is the largest independent workwear manufacturer in the world. Keeping comfort, performance and durability at the forefront of design, the future for Dickies is designed to be tough, hard-wearing and fit for purpose.


Dickies timeline


Summer 2016 Collection

Over the years, Dickies has been proud to adapt to to the changing needs of the work wear and fashion markets. That’s why this Summer, after recognising the growing demand for lifestyle and motorcycle clothing, Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters are releasing their men’s collection. It’s classically up to date, fit for purpose and the natural choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. It offers both a lifestyle and technical range.

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Key Features

Offering on- bike and off- motorbike clothing, the brand has been developed by motorcycle enthusiast Alan Greig, in collaboration with Dickies.  The lifestyle range is practical and stylish, whilst the technical range encompasses garment engineering that keeps durability and versatility in mind across every item.  DuPont™ Kevlar® has been used to enhance the quality of the denims available, and the same protective durable material has been used in the lining of each piece.


Life On The road

The OW-WAX JACKET not only looks great with its check cotton internal lining and canvass cross stitch detail- it’s practical too.  The internal multi-functional pockets are ideal whilst on the road and the 100% waxed cotton shell is perfect for shower proof protection.


MO 2


The HHC-CANVAS VEST is an authentic Dickies style, with useful pockets and made out of 100% cotton canvas. With pockets to hold Forcefield CE Body Armour, it’s the safe choice. Body armour can be fitted on the back, shoulders and elbows.



Why Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters?

Dickies Motorcycle Outfitters have been proactive in their designs, ensuring newly proposed safety regulations for 2018 are met.

What do you think (let us know in the comments)?





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  1. Where can I buy the motorcycle shirt please

  2. Roger Sweeting

    At last, some clothing that looks the part – will it be available in any motorcycle outlets?

  3. Nice clothing…. I love those.

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