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We are delighted to announce a new range of outsoles that are exclusive to Dickies footwear products from Autumn 2017. Let’s start with some technical info (provided by our footwear technologists) whilst discovering which products feature these new & improved sole units…!



Our new duel density, direct injected Polyurethane (PU) sole. A durable & abrasion resistant outsole, with a softer cushioning midsole. 


Polyurethane is a combination of Polyols & Isacyonates. When mixed together during the moulding process, a chemical reaction occurs and the Isacyonates cause the Polyols to expand and fill the sole mould (imagine expanding foam used by builders).

Developed exclusively by Dickies, this sole unit is moulded directly onto the bottom of the boot, providing a strong bond between upper and sole.

The midsole cradles the upper, providing increased protection, with some products also featuring a large scuff cap over the toe and raised areas along the sides and heel.

The tread configuration has been specifically designed to provide supreme performance and grip in a wide range of conditions. The combination of large areas of ground contact, together with deep angular grooves, gives traction in both rough terrains and flat smooth surfaces. The heel is angled at 7 degrees to give increased ground contact at heel strike. Slip testing has proven this sole to perform to the highest standards and is SRC rated.

The bottom of the cleats have been rounded slightly to prevent flex cracking and help release dirt and grime.

The waist area includes ladder grip lines for working at heights.

Resistant to oils and fuels


Our DTi sole with additional scuff cap features on the Trenton, Everyday and Storm II footwear products:

Trenton boot lifestyle

Everyday work boots

Storm II Safety Boots



Our basic DTi sole features on the Redland II, Clifton II & Andover footwear products:

Redland II Safety Boot

Andover Work Shoes




Our “sporty look” two colour abrasion resistant outsole. Moulded using premium rubber, bonded to a lightweight cushioning EVA midsole. 


Ethylene-vinyl acetate – an elastomeric polymer that is “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. This material has good clarity and gloss, low-temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance & waterproof properties.

Developed exclusively by Dickies, this sole unit provides supreme grip on smoother surfaces.

The rubber outsole has an effective substance of 6mm, meaning that there is sufficient material to prevent wear through to the midsole during the life of the product. This can’t be said for many of our competitors!  It also includes a toe bumper for additional protection and the low profile gives it a sporty look.

The geometric tread pattern efficiently disperses liquid and eliminates the effects of aquaplaning, providing constant ground contact in wet conditions. Deeper cleats around the perimeter of the tread design provide traction on more uneven surfaces. The heel is angled at 7 degrees to give increased ground contact at heel strike.  DTc performs to the highest slip resistance standards, well above SRC minimums.

Flexibility is provided by ergonomically designed flex grooves.

Our DTc sole features on the Phoenix & Liberty footwear products:

Phoenix work boots

Liberty Safety Boots








See more info on the Phoenix here:

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  1. Neil Hooper

    Can you tell me if you have any other Safety boots WITHOUT a steel toe cap.
    Any Composite boots/ trainers/ shoes?
    Preferably with the sole for grip on smooth surfaces.
    Many Thanks.

    • DickiesStoreUK

      Hi Neil,
      We’ve passed your details over to the customer services team who will respond and help you out with composite safety footwear. Thanks.

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