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A staple hi vis item for many trades is the traditional safety vest or waistcoat. These are an easy and relatively cheap method of complying with basic health & safety requirements for visibility around the workplace or as handy items to be stored in the car in case of breakdown or emergency.

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Dickies safety vests are designed to be a higher quality product than many available. This high visibility waistcoat will offer higher levels of visibility and reflectivity than many cheaper alternati Read More...

£5.00 (inc vat)

This safety vest is a Class 1 two tone garment in either orange or yellow high visibility options. Both colours have navy blue across the pockets and waist area and navy blue trim detailing, which com Read More...

£10.00 (inc vat)

The Dickies Hi Vis Technical Safety Waistcoat is constructed to the highest quality. With multiple storage facilities for small items, documents and keys making it a completely functional product. See Read More...

£12.00 (inc vat)

A high quality waistcoat that will ensure increased replacement cycles, due to it's high quality fabric and construction. Entirely washable, without losing the EN471 conformity. Suitable for Embroide Read More...

£6.00 (inc vat)

A handy and low cost item of safety clothing for your child or children. Whether they are walking to school, riding their bikes or keep them in your car for emergency situations. We can also add your Read More...

£4.00 (vat free)
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